The Daily Word 11.17.08

Nick Brown
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Sarah Palin does so know that Africa is a continent.

Read how the web connects and vindicates

store looks like fun.

Atheist Christmas

A seventh human
foot washes ashore in British Columbia.

pirates are at it again.

A debutante was chomped by a
puma in a natuture nut’s abode.

Skin cancer
vaccine in five years? You’ll never hear about it again.

documentary questions Al Gore’s version of global warming.

Stocks fell again this morning.

wildfires burn uncontrolled.

India plants its flag on the
moon! (Acutally, they just crashed a probe into it, which is a little different that the way we supposedly did it.)

Nothing of interest has happened in New Mexico since yesterday. In my opinion.

It’s Jeff Buckley’s birthday (except he drowned). Here’s “
Last Goodbye.”

(Thanks to Robert Masterson and Geoffrey Anjou for some of today’s leads.)
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