The Daily Word 11.22.10: Extinct Tigers, Broken Water Mains And Giant Jesus Statues.

Nick Brown
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El Paso was ranked safest city in the USA.

The FCC prefers
net neutrality.

A toddler
fell to his death at a Lakers game.

Saudi Arabia’s
King Abdullah is coming to the U.S. for medical treatment. Keep Toby Keith away from him.

Be Seeing You: the military launched a
Large Ass Spy Satellite.

Wild tigers could become extinct in 12 years.

Ireland needs a bailout, can’t find pot o’ gold.

HBO destroyed an ecosystem filming
Game of Thrones.

Behold the
giant Jesus statue.

Watch the new creepy
ghost video.

Crypto-rats at Roswell.

There’s a
broken water main at Lead and Broadway.

Coors and I-40 will be named after Bill Richardson. It’s that
tricky exit that’s hard to catch.

Burque cartoonist Andy Kuhn makes good with

Happy birthday,
Terry Gilliam.
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