The Daily Word 11.23.07

Nick Brown
2 min read
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It snowed last night, in case you can’t make it to a window, and there might be more coming. Hopefully, it will help fight the Ojo Peak Fire.

The Black Friday shopping thing is crazy. My wife went to Best Buy at 4am this morning and came right back home when she saw there were already 1500 people in line ahead of her being managed by two APD squad cars.

Ship hits Antarctic iceberg.

Five people were found dead in a Maryland Park in an apparent murder/suicide.

Purse-snatcher rips woman’s finger off.

The “Girls Gone Wild” guy says prison guards are mistreating him.

Vein clots increase risk of heart attack. Was there ever any discussion that might indicate that “vein clots” were good? I gotta do something about my vein clots. And my scabies.

Read about the “Elvis is Alive Museum.”

Peterson’s wife spotted in Peoria?

The sun might be smaller than we thought.

Read about Romulus and Remus. Oh, and they think they found the cave where the wolf raised them but the article doesn’t say much more about it.

It’s Steve Landesburg’s birthday. He was on Barney Miller and did some Schlotzky’s commercials a few years ago where he unsuccessfully attempted to speak with various foreign accents.
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