The Daily Word 11.24.10: Dead Miners, New Sea Creature, U.s. Heads To Korea, 100-Proof Turkey, John Travolta’s Baby

Laura Marrich
1 min read
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Another gas explosion snuffs out hope for the 29 trapped New Zealand miners. All are presumed dead.

Deep sea robots discover a new species in a new genus: the
“squid worm.”

Animal Planet discovers
world’s ugliest cat. Kinda looks like Sonny Bono.

International pissing contest: U.S. says it’s sending an aircraft carrier for
“joint military exercises” off Korea.

“100-proof turkey” takes three days to prepare and is served with 100-proof vodka gravy.

Tough times for Ireland.

Ohio State president
mouths off about college football contenders.

Sarah Palin’s
new book insults Betty Friedan and devotes several pages to complaining about Murphy Brown.

American workers are out in the cold, but the companies they work for just had their
best quarter ever.

… Not surprisingly, Wall Street execs are already back to
buying $40,000 cell phones and renting dwarves for their parties.

John Travolta, 56, and Kelly Preston, 48, salve the grief of losing their oldest son last year by
having another baby. This one doesn’t have a stupid name.

Music nerd makes
homemade Blue Man Group instrument thingy for a talent show.
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