The Daily Word 11.29.10: Nielsen And Kirchner Die, Johson And Finnegan Fight, Picasso Art, Scientist Bombs And Wikileaks.

Nick Brown
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Leslie Nielsen died. So did director Irvin Kershner.

Watch the
Johnson / Finnegan football fight.

There were bomb attacks on two
Iranian nuclear scientists.

A French electrician has come forward with 271 never-before-seen works by

Maybe the
vikings visited the new world and brought back a beautiful native bride.

Wikileaks strikes again. Hard.

Michael Brea:
Demon Hunter.

deadly otter attacked a college kid.

Angeles Duran
owns the sun. She is not stupid. She knows the law.

Spiderman on Broadway: the cure for liking Spiderman.

Dr. Laura has taken her racist rants to satellite radio.

Cyber Monday” is a term that was first kicked around in 2005.

Experts maintain the
biggest enchilada now lives in Mexico, though it’s not necessarily the most delicious.

perfect Albuquerque crime involving a Toys ‘R’ Us and a garbage bag goes hideously wrong.

54 people’s lives were ruined in a joint effort between APD and themselves.

Johnny Mango talks about

Happy birthday, C. S. Lewis.
Here, he explains the wardrobe with a nice chianti.
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