The Daily Word 11.30.10: Ant-Covered Jesus, Epic Snowball Fight, Recycled Jeans Focus

Adam Fox
1 min read
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In light of the Christmas spirit, the Smithsonian displays, among other things, an ant-covered Jesus.

You can no longer
sit or lie on sidewalks in San Francisco.

An innocent snowball fight turns into a
500 person brawl in Germany.

China and North Korea are having a
lover’s quarrel, according to the controversial WikiLeaks docs.

8 million people have stopped using their credit cards over the past year.

News Corp doesn’t know what the hell to do with struggling

A casting agent for
The Hobbit is fired for only looking at prospects with “light skin tones.”

A robber in Deming gets foiled when a
package of empanadas is thrown at his head.

The new Ford Focus uses
recycled jeans in its sound-deadening and carpet backing.

Fiji Water is no longer from

This man,
arrested 127 times, claims he is a victim of Albuquerque police.
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