The Daily Word: 11.4.10

Laura Marrich
1 min read
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George Takei (“Star Trek”) demonstrates the proper use of the word “douchebag.” Glad that’s settled.

Yemen printer cartridge bomb was set to
explode in 17 minutes.

Speaking of which, can you
opt out of an airport body scan?

Banksy “flower bomber” stencil:
best costume ever.

The volcano that killed 36 last week in Indonesia
erupted again yesterday, only with “more force.”

The handsfree Kinect for Xbox 360 is out. Here’s a
side-by-side comparison with PlayStation Move for PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii and MotionPlus .

Palin reacts to the midterm election results. Tina Fey reacts to Sarah Palin.

Captivating photos of the
Outlaw Motorcycle Club in the ’60s.

Did George W. Brush approve torture?
"Damn right."

Rock and roll revelations from
Keith Richards’ new book.
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