The Daily Word 11.9.10: Std Phone App, Mystery Missile, Yogurt Rage

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Checking for STDs while peeing into your cell phone? There’s an app for that.

mysterious missile was launched over the Pacific Ocean.

If someone cuts you off,
don’t toss yogurt on their car.

Turban frisking must be stopped!

San Francisco plans to create droves of unhappy children in their quest to
ban Happy Meals.

Who says gambling can’t be profitable? This poker player took home
$8.9 million.

This priest stole $83,000 to cover
porn-related debt.

Obama’s Indonesia trip gets cut short by the onset of
volcanic ash.

Dubya defends the controversial
“waterboarding” interrogation technique in his memoir.

Conan O’Brien’s
new show debuted on TBS last night.

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