The Daily Word 12.07.07

Nick Brown
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Possible human-to-human bird flu in China.

66,000 barrels of oil spilled off South Korea.

suicide bomber kills 12 in Iraq.

Wife sues husband to make him
stop telling her ghost stories.

You can actually buy one of the
17 existing copies of the Magna Carta.

Luke and Laura alert!
Genie Francis (Laura) apologizes to fans for abruptly quitting General Hospital in its heyday. I just remember they were trying to help Robert Scorpio stop a weather-controlling machine on some island. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, Comcast appears to have dropped the Hallmark Channel, so good luck catching that new Genie Francis movie.

More evidence that
cell phones cause tumors, phone conversations.

Germany is really serious about
hating Scientology.

train/car smash in Albuquerque.

An Albuquerque
abortion clinic burned down last night. Well, not “down,” but it was damaged.

A lady
found a human jaw bone in Santa Fe.

Barry Bonds
pleads not guilty to perjury.

Lots of
new species discovered in Ghana.

New Mexico
driver’s licenses will be produced in Washington state beginning in February, which sounds like a pain in the ass for all of us.

Blustery weather likely for the weekend.
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