The Daily Word 12.08.08

Nick Brown
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A 70-year-old woman gave birth.

Watch for
gas prices to rise soon.

Amsterdam is closing its
fun sector.

A three-year-old boy was saved from freezing by two adorable
puppies. Safe at home, the boy’s parents punished him for wandering off by naming him Jaylynn.

Greek riots

Mug shots are all the rage in publishing these days – even when the city doesn’t pay for it.

“Man vs. Wild’s”
Bear Grylls was injured in Antarctica.

DNA testing confirmed a match between
severed feet.

Has a man discovered the secret to
suspended animation?

Read about the evil
penis stealer.

Alice King, wife of former governor Bruce King and mother of atttorney general Gary King, died last night.

APD catches a member of the “
Paper Soldiers” theft ring.

Everyone loves a
wind farm. Not.

Cult leader Wayne Bent’s
trial begin’s today.

David Carradine turns 72 today. Here he is
jamming out with José Feliciano and Cannonball Adderly in a best-forgotten episode of Kung Fu. Deliver us!
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