The Daily Word 12.09.08

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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Atomic Cantina a tourist attraction?

Police don’t want the public using
mini-breathalyzers because they might tell you you aren’t that drunk.

Wikipedia blacklisted in the U.K.

Iceman ate mosses.

Domenici pictured with Regan in vintage emotation.

Richardson said to hold the power of persuasion.

governor arrested on corruption.

Sen. Craig’s bathroom indiscretion still his problem.

Drug-related murder in
Mexico on the rise.

Rioting continues in
Greece. See the buring Christmas tree.

Malaria vaccine coming soon. Take that, mosquitos.

Fifteen years
without getting busy.

Jay Leno won’t go away.

Album of the day: GI by The Germs.

Weather: It’s snowing and I should have worn socks today.
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