The Daily Word 12.10.07

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Long Eared Jeroba” caught on film for the first time.

Canadian serial killer who fed his victims to pigs has been convicted of six counts, 20 more to go, and 40 more under investigation.

Scientists discover insect
gene that causes homosexual behavior. Pay attention, Richardson.

A Chinese man experiences the miracle of
green sweat.

Church shootings in Colorado.

Michael Vick
gets 23 months for that dog fighting thing he was doing.

Harrison Middle School is on lockdown due to threatening voicemail left over the weekend.

NM Tech may be on the
History Channel and a live action treatment of the Roadrunner cartoons (which, yes, sounds like a terrible idea).

Today is J Mascis’ birthday.
Look at his funny glasses and listen to him talk real slow.

Precipitation is imminent.
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