The Daily Word 12.13.10: The Metrodome Collapses, The Holy Thorn Tree Is Cut Down And Mona Lisa Has Little Numbers In Her Eyes.

Nick Brown
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Vandals cut down England’s 2,000-year-old Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree.

Watch the
Metrodome collapse.

Al Queda claims responsibility for Saturday’s
Stockholm attacks.

Mona Lisa has tiny numbers and letters in her eyes.

Iranian courts sentence a man to be
blinded with acid. Ooo, heaven is a place on earth.

Ron Paul may run for president again.

Our bats are dying.

Hobbits battled giant storks.

How to take part in a
massive web attack.

Wikileaks documents indicate Texas-based
DynCorp provided young boys as sex slaves in Afghanistan.

Meet the
Paranoid Parrot.

Louisiana Swamp Monster photo looks like a stupid cartoon.

Subway at 98th and Central was robbed and two people were shot.

APD has identified one of the women in the mysterious photographs as
Christina Leyba.

Happy birthday,
Steve Buscemi.
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