The Daily Word 12.18.09: Keith Richards, Sewing Needles And A Godzilla Commercial.

Nick Brown
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Iran took over an Iraqi oil well along a disputed border.

four-year-old drank a beer and stole the neighbor’s Christmas presents. My dad would have been so pissed.

Queen of England took the train.

Read the
top crime stories of 2009.

GM is
shutting down Saab.

In Brazil, an evil stepfather stuck
42 sewing needles in a toddler.

Jon and Kate are finally divorced but you’re not allowed to stop thinking about them yet. Also, read about Shatner’s eerie ear condition.

A farmer
toilet trained his pigs.

"Arbeit Macht Frei" sign was stolen from Auschwitz.

Who knows the recipe for these
alien cookies?

Somali Pirates let some people go.

A drunk woman had fun
stealing an ambulance. Be sure to watch the clip.

Live longer with new
flu-figting proteins.

Chavez smelled sulfer after Obama’s Copenhagen speech (meaning he’s like the devil and Bush) and made references to the “Nobel Prize of War.”

Howard Dean doesn’t like the current health-care bill.

Watch this cool
Godzilla commercial.

Another drunk went the
wrong way on I-40.

Sandia Peak opens tomorrow.

Ed Adams makes $147k working for the city. Seems high.

Read about Albuquerque’s
mother-and-son copper burglars, and see their faces.

It’s Keith Richards’ birthday. Here he is
hitting somebody with his guitar.
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