The Daily Word 12.22.08

Nick Brown
2 min read
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A NYC cop shoved a guy off his bike then got in trouble for it.

A Japanese
foot massaging machine killed three people. But what a way to go.

A New York State senator-elect is accused of
slashing his girlfriend’s face with a broken glass.

Everyone’s heard by now, but
Sarah Palin’s “son-in-law’s” mother was arrested on drug charges.

New Da Vinci drawings were discovered on the back of one of his paintings.

Cracked gives us
six scientific mysteries.

How about
seven medical mysteries?

Or how about
six medical myths?

Yetis mate with human males in Russia.

Bush has sent
personal letters to the families of every single soldier killed in Afganistan and Iraq.

Leonard Cohen’s “
Hallelujah” is a hit again. What about Rufus Wainright’s version?

They found
my gold coins

Apparently, there’s a
voice-robbing virus to worry about.

I saw a story on Seven Ways to Ruin the Holidays, but it would just ruin the holidays if I linked to it.

Read about the
26th Army Science Convention.

Sex Slaves!

Warner music videos will be
removed from Youtube.

Mervyn’s is going down.

Read about one Albuquerque family’s
festive holiday.

Sandia Peak is open.

It’s Barbara Billingsley’s birthday. Here she is in
Still The Beaver.

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