The Daily Word 12.24.07

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Is Santa a yeti?

Drunk guy
thought he was jumping into a snow bank

Learn about the
North Pole Inner Earth Expedition.

There’s an 18 inch base as
Sandia Peak opens for skiers.

Time’s top ten “
viral videos.” I’m not a fan of that terminology, but whatever.

The FBI wants a
giant database of everyone’s physical characteristics.

More about the
Scientologists moving into the Gizmo.

Today is
Clarence Gilyard’s birthday. We all know what Walker’s going to get him.

Is this the man being
charged with last week’s stabbing at 4th and Central?

Rio Rancho Observer is getting a new publisher from South Dakota.

New Mexico won the
New Mexico Bowl.

There’s a
small chance of snow tomorrow, another chance by the end of the week.
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