The Daily Word 12.25.08

Erin Adair-Hodges
1 min read
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Merry Christmas!!!!

Ever miss 1982? Me neither. Well,
unemployment figures are in, and they’re bad. 1982 bad.

Governor-in-waiting Diane Denish is asking state employees for neat ideas. My suggestion: hovercrafts.

Thisa towna smellsa likea pizza pie! Maybe it’s the
garlic salt used to de-ice the roads.

Weird Christmas light displays.

Upcoming Oprah Holocaust autobio pick possibly a fake.

Real Holocaust survivor (and author, and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Elie Wiesel’s
foundation loses nearly all of its money in Madoff’s scheme.

In cheerier news, a
Mexican beauty queen was arrested under suspicion of drug trafficking.

God, is it only Christmas morning? Time for
Christmas martinis!

Idea for a
cheap, last-last-last minute gift.

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