The Daily Word 12.28.09: Sheengate, Mississipi Fire And Denzel Eats Cat.

Nick Brown
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Sheengate unfolds.

Signs warned of a
zombie attack.

The golden “
elixer of youth” is bad for you.

Nine were killed in a
Mississippi fire this morning.

Make your photo
look like Edward.

It’s the
Fake Decade.

Plants are animals, too.

RIP Malcolm X attorney
Percy Sutton.

Chimps are good with fire.

The war has a new front in

Meet a
robot that feels no shame in riding your weird two-person bike.

Cowboys beat the Redskins.

Loren "Threadbare" Coleman releases his
top ten cryptozoology stories of 2009.

triangular UFO was spotted in Cleburne, TX on Christmas. "And that is why I was at 7-11 for so long."

ashes in a box caused a Nob Hill house fire. Take it from me: those little coals stay hot for days.

Growth Helped Define Las Cruces’ Growth." That’s the headline. Growth was only one factor, though.

truck was stolen from the Melloy Dodge Supercenter. Stay tuned for new developments.

KRQE tells you
where to recycle your Christmas tree in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. I cut off the branches to burn in the chimnea (due to the high sap content) then age the trunk for about four years before turning it into firewood.

It’s Denzel Washington’s birthday. His latest post-apocalyptic film
Book of Eli was filmed in New Mexico. Matt Nichols, chef at Gold Street Caffe, prepared a dozen roasted rabbits to double as the house cat Denzel’s character kills, cooks and eats in the film. Matt purchased the rabbits dead and ready for preparation.
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