The Daily Word 12.29.08

Nick Brown
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The oldest man in America died.

Avalanches. They seem like fun until you’re in one.

Lauren “Oogie Boogie” Coleman gives you his top ten
evil clown stories of 2008.

Bees like coke.

Satellites help find ancient Egyptian ruins.

songbird sings the song of death.

On January 8, Alibi will feature predictions from some of Albuquerque’s best psychics. In the meantime, what does
Kreskin think will happen?

An amazing
blind man “detects objects.”

A 19-year-old Albuquerque
man-boy is accused of shooting his girlfriend.

A 13-year-old
man-boy saves people in a previously mentioned bus smash.

Can you help solve Albuquerque’s unsolved 2008

Is the sand at
White Sands still white if there’s nobody there to see it?

It’s Mary Tyler Moore’s birthday. Here’s her
theme song. Don’t worry: she gets her hat back.
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