The Daily Word 12.29.09: Weekly World News, Saturn’s Moons And Mary Tyler Moore

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Avenge Sevenfold’s drummer died.

You can
buy a cheap Saturn if you hurry.

Weekly World News is on Google Books.

A mother and baby died in childbirth, then a
rich, handsome doctor brought them both back to life.

Dude, it’s a
monkey that flosses.

Watch this cool footage of
Saturn’s moons.

They’re making a
Captain America movie after Thor.

call 911 for stupid reasons. Devin’s feature this week confirms that.

Discover the truth about
infected meat.

So long, free TV. Thanks for all the shitty shows.

Discover the truth about
stinky, vomit-inducing Tylenol.

You decide whether this
Star Wars/A-Team mashup is funny or stupid.

Gary Johnson for president.

We’re getting more

It’s Mary Tyler Moore’s birthday. Here’s a
fan vid to help us reflect on her awesomeness.

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