The Daily Word 12.3.07

Nick Brown
1 min read
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First Sumatran Rhino sighting in more than a decade.

Fired secretary intitiated the whole Mohammed the teddybear debacle. It wasn’t the parents, after all. Anyway, the teacher was pardoned .

Read about
places that get winter .

Chimps are
smarter than people , but smell funny and don’t wear clothes.

More swastikas hit close to home, especially if your home was hit.

News Flash! The
lofts aren’t selling because they’re too expensive!

Five people were
stabbed in a fight outside of Slate Street.

Imus is back on the air.

Red light camera
law suit . Sovereign immunity ?

park ranger was shot on Saturday.

train smash claims life.

Some people don’t think the
new yeti footprints are real. I do. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

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