The Daily Word 12.6.10: Don Meredith Dies, Fishermen Find Richard Abruzzo’s Body And Do The Angnes Moorhead Macarena

Nick Brown
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The first pivately owned spaceship will launch tomorrow.

Fishermen have found the bodies of balloonists
Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer-Davis.

Wikileaks is set to release a Doomsday Machine cache of encrypted documents held hostage against state interference.

Deals in the Senate will most likely
extend tax cuts and unemployment benefits.

deadly baseball struck and killed the catcher.

Meet Edgar Jimenez, the
14-year-old hitman.

The coffee cherry
dung of the palm civet produces a remarkably smooth and earthy cup of coffee.

The “Throat of Fire”
volcano in Ecuador has erupted. Help. It’s an erupting… volcano .

sharks are attacking at an Egyptian resort.

Try the
pee injection diet.

Michael Cera’s hipster bullshit makes me want to vomit.

Ponder with the

brain damage create false memories?

Don Meredith died in Santa Fe at 72.

“Get out of your truck or
the SWAT team will make you get out of your truck.”

Destiny Baca, 18, is accused of
selling four marijuana cigarettes to some teenagers. Schocking.

Happy birthday, Agnes Moorhead!
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