The Daily Word 2.11.08

Nick Brown
1 min read
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There was a huge $160 Million art heist from a museum in Switzerland. I bet they make a movie out of it…

Roy Scheider died. RIP scary little Jaws man.

Fake sugar makes you fat. Can fake sit-ups make me skinny? Yes, I know I’m doing them all wrong.

Deadly New Hockey Move May Change Game.

The Real Exorcist. Don’t try this at home.

When the
brain decides to play you a song….

Iranian Space Program to Destroy Moon, Mars

Herbie Hancock’s “River: The Joni Letters” won the
Album of the Year Grammy, probably because it got so much airplay.

Are Santa and Hannibal Lecter both
echoes of the Pagan Bear God?

Check out KOAT’s
Red or Green Report.

New Mexico’s latest
$5.6 Million Lottery ticket.

Coronado Mall: Dippin’ Dots, Soft Pretzels, Spencer Gifts and
Deadly Knife Fights.

Man with Gun sick of Kids coming to his door.
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