The Daily Word 2.2.10: Groundhog Day, We Are The World, Death-Predicting Cat

Adam Fox
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The Daily Word 2.2.10: Groundhog Day, We Are the World, Death-Predicting Cat
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We’re screwed; Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, indicating 6 more weeks of winter.

“We Are the World” Version 2.0 to be recorded today for Haitian relief.

Creepy Feline: a
cat who predicts deaths at a nursing home by curling up with them in their last hours.

A Columbus man
kills a teen who was throwing eggs at cars.

nine-year-old Chinese girl gives birth to a healthy baby boy…wait, what?!

early rough draft of the Constitution is found in Philadelphia.

Rail Runner Express is raising fares and cutting some trains.

A truck driver in Lordsburg is arrested for
smuggling pot hidden inside a load of cat food.

More than
$6 million dollars generated by the Red Light Cameras to be used for public safety…so are they effective, or not?

Octopus Car Wash at Paseo del Norte and San Pedro reopens after an employee is killed over the weekend.

A Washington Middle School
teacher is put on leave after an alleged slapping incident.

More rain and/or snow expected to hit tomorrow and Thursday.
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