The Daily Word 2.28.08

Nick Brown
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The Golden West burned down! Stay tuned to for developments – news editor Marisa Demarco is on the scene now gathering details and photos.

Holy crap! It’s a frickin’
Bird Boy!

In the Bird Boy story, there’s a link to a story: ‘Mysterious dwarfish alien brutally murdered in Russia’s remote village’ .
How can I resist? It makes me wonder a little about the veracity of the Bird Boy story, though.

Somebody drugged Britney Spears! Yeah. “Somebody” certainly did…

Read about the exchange student from Maine who
got to study in Egypt. Maybe I should go to Egypt.

Guns don’t kill people,
Killer Robots kill people.

Keith Richards talks a bunch of shit about Mick Jagger and tells Led Zeppelin to fuck off.

A baby fell through a train toilet.

The host of Discovery Channel’s “American Hot Rod”
died. I wasn’t a fan of the show, but it’s sad when people die.

Bikers vs. Robbers. Who will win?

Prince Harry is the dreamiest.

Mayor Chavez and Governor Richardson to make
dirty back-room deal concerning the red light cameras.

Read about a violent

In light of recent shootings, law enforcement urges UNM students to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. So, they get a tip and
bust some kid for growing pot in his apartment. Which is, admittedly, a litttle different than shooting a bunch of people.

prehistoric city of giants has been discovered near Lake Titicaca (where there are also giant frogs). Also, read about Mayan blue paint.

Gavin MacLeod is 77. He played Captain Stubing on
Love Boat. Man, I love that theme song.
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