The Daily Word 2.4.11: Gas Outages Everywhere, Walmart To Conquer Nyc, Puppy Bowl

Adam Fox
1 min read
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We’re still under a state of emergency due to the gas outage, so lower your thermostats and turn off any appliances you’re not using.

Meanwhile, Mexico
rescinds its offer to send electricity to gas-short Texas.

City leaders in Long Beach are asking for teens to
pick up their sagging pants in respect of Black History Month.

Don’t violently barrage your mailman with

ADHD could could be caused by certain types of foods.

What a little rebel!
Miley Cyrus gets tattoo number five.

Rejoice, NYC, for
Walmart is on the verge of sinking their fangs into you.

If you’re not a football fan but just a fan of all things adorable, Animal Planet will be showing its annual
Puppy Bowl. Puppies!

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole apologizes for his jackassy self-promoting
Egypt tweet.

APS extends
Superintendent Winston Brooks’ contract.

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