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Marisa Demarco
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Big Head Bill had jars of Garduño’s salsa plastered with his face for his inauguration. He predicted good stuff for New Mexico in the coming four years but didn’t speak about a bid for president. Read about his rise through the ranks in The Trib.

They’re not likely to try to amend the Constitution, (ahem, Republicans) but the Democratic Congress has a roster of legislation, popular issues primarily, it plans to ram through in the first 100 hours of its session.

An elaborate state funeral service was held for President Ford in Washington.

This just in: There’s no such thing as a self-discipline gene, say researchers. Your lack of such a gene is not why you can’t stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

No more trans fats for Starbucks.

Oprah Winfrey opened a school in South Africa for disadvantaged girls.

Britney Spears fell asleep shortly after the New Year’s countdown and it was definitely not because of drugs or anything.
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