The Daily Word 3.17.08

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Cussing on the radio.

I can’t think of a single
Mariah Carey song

China blocked youtube so people couldn’t see the Tibet stuff…

Cat Confession.

Where in the world is Dick Cheney?

Meat thief clobbered with ham.

Bee infestation gets out of hand.

Paul McCartney’s ex gets $50 million.

Sheryl Crow might replace Christine McVie in
Fleetwood Mac. In other rock news, ABBA’s drummer cut his throat on broken glass and died.

Man shot in ABQ last night.

power didn’t go off, but the wind blew a bunch of shingles off my roof yesterday.

Today is Patrick Duffy’s birthday. He was the
Man from Atlantis.
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