The Daily Word 3.30.10: Christian Crazies, Ricky Martin, Nasa

Adam Fox
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The Daily Word 3.30.10: Christian Crazies, Ricky Martin, NASA
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NYPD cops carry machine guns on subways in light of the recent Moscow suicide bombings.

Gonorrhea could become a
drug-immune epidemic.

A hotel custodian calls in a bomb threat so he could have a day off.

The FBI raids Christian groups
“preparing to do battle with the Anti-Christ.”

Ricky Martin, of Menudo and solo fame, finally
decides to come out of the closet.

The Northeast prepares for
possible historic flooding. What’s up with the massively epic natural disasters lately?

This is getting ridiculous:
NASA joins the Toyota probe to explain the “cosmic ray electromagnetic interference” theory.

Ten people ages
8-21 shot dead by drug traffickers in Durango, México.

Karl Rove heckled and called a “war criminal” at a book signing in Beverly Hills.

A group is lobbying to have Ronald McDonald removed as the McDonald’s icon for luring kids into its McFattening McTrap.

stabbing at a UNM area intersection.

Police catch 3 people suspected of committing
more than 200 car burglaries.
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