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Marisa Demarco
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The court’s snow days usually coincide with APS snow days. We got word yesterday that Metro Court will be open. Here’s a complete list of school closings.

I was predicting two, but it turns out the city has 40 snow-removal machines. Whether hair dryers count as 30 of those 40 is anybody’s guess.

The U.S. hold on the Diyala province of Iraq has weakened. That’s the area near Abu Musab Zarqawi’s former village, which we thought we could get a grip on six months ago when we killed the Al Qaeda leader.

It took two doctoral students and a prof at Florida State University to discover that people often have abusive relationships with their bosses.

Saddam Hussein’s execution prompts his Baath Party to confirm a new successor. The new guy has a similar mustache.

Speaking of Hussein, Iraqi officials believe they have arrested the man responsible for filming Hussein’s hanging with a cell phone.

There’s already speculation about some of the Oscar slots, specifically controversial documentaries. “Jesus Camp” and “An Inconvenient Truth” are among the suggested nominees.

Marvin Gaye keeps attack dogs, apparently. Lou Rawls Jr. is suing Gaye, claiming he was “bit, clawed and physically and mentally injured” by the vicious pups while visiting Gaye’s house.

A day just isn’t complete in the news anymore without Bush appealing for unity as he faces a Congress of foes.

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