The Daily Word 4.14.08

Nick Brown
2 min read
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Dolly Parton set a bald eagle loose in the woods. Picture that. Could anything be more American?

Count Bush can create a
Clone Army for the Republic. Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Northwest and Delta airlines to collide. Or merge, as you Americans call it.

Marilyn Monroe oral sex movie sells for $1.5 Million. Send a link if you find it.

Iraqi Soldiers Free Kidnapped CBS Journalist.

The Weird Kid
gets a butter knife stuck in his head.

J.K. Rowling wears stripey blazer, wants all money everywhere. Although, it is cheesey that somebody would try to make a Harry Potter Encyclopedia without her consent.

Remember the Tree Man of Java? He
got a bunch of his weird warts cut off and wants to get married now.

The Lizard Man is possibly a Yeti.

Albuquerque’s Metro Court will be
stepping up the bench warrants. Nobody knew they had been lax before, but now … boy, will you be sorry.

Nob Hill is growing faster than its parking. Puppies grow; collars don’t.


Today is Julie Christie’s birthday. Here’s Yo La Tengo’s video for “
Tom Courtney,” a song that mentions her. And here she is looking smashing in Farenheit 451.
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