The Daily Word 4.21.08

Nick Brown
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New Mexico is the second most haunted state in the union, after Louisiana.

South Carolina high school
bomb plot.

Floating bodies, three survivors.

Hear what a
Neanderthal voice sounded like. (Yes, there’s a link buried in there and, no, it’s not all that thrilling.)

Russian soldiers found the remains of a
cryptid Muppet creature.

Richard Branson this, Richard Branson that,
Richard Branson in space.

Bionic Eyes.

The Marines are trying to
recruit women with their awesome uniforms and haircuts.

At least somebody had a

Mystery water spurts from Florida yard. That’s happened to me three times – broken water main.

Cat stuck up on utility pole actually makes the news. That’s the kind of news I get when it’s my turn to do Daily Word.

She ran calling
wiiiilld fiiiire

When there’s a
stabbing they’re called the Fairgrounds. When there’s a car show they’re called Expo New Mexico.

A horrible girl
killed an old man.

It’s Iggy Pop’s birthday. Here’s
Candy, with B-52 Kate Pierson.
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