The Daily Word 4.27.09

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Mexican swine flu threatens to become pandemic. Obama says it’s cause for concern but not alarm. Ah, semantics.

old man drowns saving boys from the ocean.

topical impotency drugs are rubbed on the affected area. I wonder how long you have to rub?

A man tried to
cut out his father’s pacemaker with a pocketknife.

Breakthrough in digital storage can fit
100 movies on a single disc.

Seven fans were injured in a
race-car smashup.

Authorities search for the
Murder Professor.

Artificial bones will be made out of a
spiderweb-metal alloy.

Mesa Moquino is accused of
shaking a puppy and throwing it on the roof of a bus shelter.

Hilary Swank (star of Sometimes They Come Back…Again ) is coming to film in Albuquerque.

Isleta Casino laid off 200 workers.

Dave and Karan Brault:

It’s Sheena Easton’s birthday. Here she is performing “
Morning Train.”

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