The Daily Word 4.30.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Just in case you aren’t sick of him yet, here’s your morning update on our Governor: He’s a Californian now.

Here’s the
San Francisco Chronicle’s take on Richardson’s visit to its state.

APS spent almost $100,000 on paid leave for employees under investigation for misconduct.

Those crazy Minutemen picked up 24 illegal immigrants in Southern New Mexico.

American death toll in April in Iraq climbs past 100.

“Alleged D.C. madam.” Headline writers love a chance to use words like “madam.” This alleged madam says she’s sorry for outing a top state official as one of her clients.

Rage reunited and “fought the power” at Coachella. Wonder how much they got paid for that?

Apple scrambles to fix battery trouble on MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Prince Harry’s going to Iraq.

British court convicts five guys planning to use fertilizer bombs.

Here’s the BBC’s list of what will make headlines this week.

Back in the U.S., ladies get the photo ops. Men get the dough in Hollywood.

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