The Daily Word 4.6.10: Bosque Fire, Topless March, Apple Ipad

Adam Fox
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The Daily Word 4.6.10: Bosque Fire, Topless March, Apple iPad
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The massive bosque fire was tended to overnight and is around 30% contained.

25 are dead as an explosion rocks a West Virginia coal mine.

Two dozen women march topless in Portland to protest societal attitudes regarding male and female nudity.

Houston man involved in a
$1 million dollar adult diaper scheme.

A 13-year-old from California attempts to shatter a world record and be the
youngest person ever to climb Mount Everest.

Duke defeats the upstart Butler Bulldogs and their cinderella story 61-59, winning the NCAA men’s championship.

Toyota receives the maximum fine from U.S. regulators for “Sticky Pedalgate”
in the form of $16.4 million.

Apple sells 300,000 of its feminine hygiene product-reminiscent iPad in its first day.

APS Superintendent Winston Brooks, who I often confuse with the guy in
1984, proposes how to handle a $43 million budget shortfall not involving teacher layoffs.

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