The Daily Word 5.12.08

Nick Brown
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Doctors think Morgellons Disease is caused by a plant bacteria and spread by ticks along with Lyme Disease.

One of the
Crystal Skulls is Stolen.

A Three-Year-Old Who Never Sleeps.

Texas Town Falling Into A Sinkhole.

Did Speed Racer Tank? Also, Tom Cruise’s Nazi Movie Put On Back Burner.

Man Arrested (Rather Than Ridiculed) For Wearing Speedo.

Playboy Magazine Profits ‘Stripped’ By The Internets.

Lizard Man Sightings in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

OJ Confession?

Japanese Detergent Suicides.

World’s Oldest Gorilla Says Bananas Used To Taste Better, Were More Plentiful.

What Are The
Most Popular Baby Names?

Cadigan Backs Down From
Complete Indoor Smoking Ban.

UNM Students Accidentally Kill Classmate By Pushing Over Tree. Very Sad.

Simms Building Gossip.

Deadly Rollover in the South Valley.

Burt Bacharach turns 80 today. He is such a badass.
I Say A Little Prayer. Also What’s New Pussycat?
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