The Daily Word 5.20.08

Nick Brown
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Nine-year-old girl has twin embryo in her stomach.

Toads predict earthquakes?

Cattle Mutilation, It’s an Over-Night Sensation.

new ants suck.

George Takei (Sulu) Marries Brad Altman.

McCain says Obama
doesn’t take Iran seriously enough.

Does Bush want to
attack Iran before he’s out of office?

Geraldine Ferraro makes more insightful comments.

Nick Brown Supports the Creation of Man-Beasts.

Read about Google’s plan for
online medical records.

NASA plans solar probe.

Teenager girls
don’t give as many blowjobs as adults imagined.

City Council rejected Marty’s budget.

APD Sergeant accused of
running over a woman in the Sidewinders parking lot.

trailer park death suggests foul play. Don’t click the link – seriously, that completely sums up the story.

Finally, a reasonable explanation for the “
Rickrolling” craze.

Cher turns 62 today. She talks a little like a cartoon dog. To prove my point, here she is singing “
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.”
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