The Daily Word 5.25.10: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Smartphones, Corrales Fire

Adam Fox
1 min read
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The proposal to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is expected to be voted on in Congress this week.

Obama’s approval rating drops to a
record-low 42 percent.

Hackers in Miami
changed a highway sign to read “No Latinos, No Tacos.”

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
wants an apology for a Mexican tourism ad mocking SB 1070.

Smartphones may be the future of
hotel room keys.

Rear-end collisions
more than doubled in West Palm Beach due to the red light cameras. Albuquerque?

A truck carrying
17 million bees crashes in Minnesota. Yikes.

A rise in miscarriages may be linked to the effects of 9/11.

The Bosque fire in Corrales is
35% contained as the winds die down.

Albuquerque City Council
approves a budget that includes pay cuts for city employees, balancing a $66 million shorfall.
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