The Daily Word 5.5.08

Cinco De Mayo

Nick Brown
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A Guy Shot Some Sea Lions.

Beer can coffin – buyer’s remorse?

Country singer
Gretchen Wilson is going back to school. High school. Be on the lookout for some songs about Hester Prynn.

Eyebrow shaving is all the rage.

Clinton has the lead in Indiana.

$15,000 of elementary school
candy money is missing.

Construction on I-40 makes the East Mountains seem even farther away.

Crazy Stabber Arraigned.

They think they found some of
Nicholas Garza’a clothes in a creek.

It’s Engelbert Humperdinck’s birthday. Here he is singing “
A Man Without Love.” His real name is Arnold Dorsey but he changed it for show biz purposes. I guess.
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