The Daily Word 6.21.10: Ron Bell, Prairie Dogs And Pot Plants.

Nick Brown
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Al-Qaida taunts and threatens Obama.

Roger Daltry tells a knock-knock joke.

Boo hoo:
van der Sloot complains he was tricked into confessing.

The FCC is going to
make the internet less fun.

jellyfish are immortal.

tornado hit Billings, Montana (where my uncle lives.)

In case you haven’t heard, North Carolina has a
bigfoot with beautiful hair. The 911 calls are the real treasure here.

Tom Nicon fell out a window and died.

World Cup:
Portugal beats North Korea. And there’s just no stopping vuvuzela.

A fisherman found himself
face-to-face with a periscope.

funny photos are funny.

Billy Ray Cyrus will not be playing at Roswell’s UFO Festival this year.

Ron Bell was arrested for DWI.

The cops pulled up some
pot plants in Socorro.

Prairie dogs are
digging up human bones in a Santa Fe cemetary.

I can’t believe they put this
bridge up in Los Alamos. It will be very cool, though.

It’s Ron Ely’s birthday. He played Doc Savage and
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