The Daily Word 6.22.10: Decoy Jews, Ron Bell, Times Square Yoga

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Dutch police plan to use “decoy Jews” to lure anti-Semites.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is on thin ice after making
derogatory comments about Obama in an interview.

A New York English teacher is
stabbed 80 times.

The Justice Department is
preparing to sue Arizona over SB 1070.

273 unreleased tracks by the Jackson Five surface.

One of the world’s largest
yoga classes shuts down Times Square celebrating the first day of summer.

A 10,000-acre and growing wildfire in Arizona enters its third day.

Of course; charges against attorney Ron “I sue drunk drivers” Bell
are dismissed.

Albuquerque’s new immigration status policy has already
detained 63 suspects.

An angry worker at a Japanese Mazda plant
runs over eleven of his co-workers, killing one.
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