The Daily Word 6.29.10: Flying Cars, Russian Spies, Angry Gods

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Meet George Jetson? The first flying car is cleared for production by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Calling James Bond: 10 alleged suspects are arrested in suspicion of being part of a
Russian spy ring.

Gen. McChrystal
tells the Army he’ll retire after the Obama controversy.

China is doing
war exercises that could involve the U.S.

Zeus is pissed at this failing economy; the Parthenon in Athens is
struck by lightning.

You’re kidding?! The FDA says airline food fails to meet proper
health standards.

The CEO of General Electric
passes out in the middle of a Joe Biden speech.

Can we really get any fatter?
Obesity is up in 28 states.

FIFA apologizes to England and Mexico for its horrendous officiating that cost both the teams goals.

Steve Carell is done after seven seasons with “The Office.”

A family in Albuquerque was found to be living with more than
50 snakes and lizards.

Albuquerque Studios is being sold at auction owing more than $78 million to the bank.
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