The Daily Word 6.8.10: Obama Kicks Ass, Turkey Hates Google, Gm Recalls

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Obama looking for someone’s “ass to kick” when it comes to the BP oil spill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is
heckled during a speech by America’s Future Now protesters.

Teachers in Chicago
sue the city for oversized classes.

Turkey passes an internet ban on all things Google.

Los Angeles forces
400 medical marijuana dispensaries to close.

A cross is used to beat an elderly woman to death at an Arkansas church.

GM recalls 1.4 million vehicles due to heated windshield washer fluid causing a fire hazard.

Hall & Oates are cancelling their concert at the Arizona Diamondback’s Chase Field in protest of SB 1070.

Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding!?

Galileo’s fingers are on display in a Florence, Italy museum.

Three’s your limit; the Blue Corn Café and Rio Chama Steakhouse impose drink restrictions.
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