The Daily Word 7.13.10: Emcore Gunman, George Steinbrenner, Fidel Castro

Adam Fox
1 min read
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The gunman’s name is released in the Emcore shooting.

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner
dies of a massive heart attack at age 80.

There’s a
major design flaw in the brand spankin’ new iPhone 4.

A woman gets nine years in prison after
having sex with her adopted son.

Guacamole and salsa have been responsible for an increase in
food poisoning reports, according to the CDC.

Twittering can get you up to 11 years in prison, like
these two Venezuelans.

Fidel Castro to make a public television appearance, predicting the beginning of
nuclear war.

A study shows that the
position of your belly-button impacts your success in sports.

The burqa ban in France passes the lower house in an overwhelming vote.

Listen to the audio recording of
Mel Gibson’s angry rant to ex Oksana Grigorieva.

chile harvest this year is expected to be later and smaller due to the weird weather patterns.

An Española man thought it was OK to
bring a gun into a Chili’s restaurant.

Top-secret Russian spy Anna Chapman’s
UK citizenship is revoked.
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