The Daily Word 7.22.10: Mel Gibson Is An Innocent Victim And Yetis Are Interdimensional Beings

Nick Brown
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Not to be outdone, China has an oil spill.

Six are dead in a
deadly bus smash.

They arrested
the guy who threatened the "South Park" guys.

Mel Gibson is an innocent victim of extortion.

Anyone care what’s going on with
Katie Couric? No?

tax on gold transactions hitched a ride on the health care legislation.

The ultimate crime:
pretending to be a bartender.

Lindsay Lohan’s mom and sister visited her in jail yesterday. So, it was a pretty special day for her.

can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd.

Beckham and Tommy Nader love

Brangelina pwned a newspaper.

Is the yeti an interdimensional being? Well, at least look at the picture.

Iglesias firing was inappropriate but not criminal.

The Albuquerque gay community is outraged by
downtown violence.

I think DCF blogger
Rudolfo Carrillo is on a spaceship or something.

It would be
fun to have a dump-hole in the living room. I think, anyway.

Happy birthday,
Rufus Wainright.
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