The Daily Word 7.23.07

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Chihuahua saves baby from rattlesnake. Look out! Now a scorpion is headed straight for the baby!

Foul ball kills baseball coach. Chihuahua does not save him.

Weekly World News is shutting down August 3. No more Bat Boy.

They’ve almost found a cure for Alzheimer’s, they think.

Isotopes beer vendor busted selling to minor. Oh, but it’s the first time it’s ever happened.

Sheriff Darren White busts guy with cocaine. Drug busting is in his DNA, claims White. DNA analysis to follow.

Scientists discover drug busting gene. Just kidding.

Aztec, NM church guy accused of statutory rape.

Flesh eating bacteria is in the Bayou. So much for my vacation to the Bayou.

Taliban kidnaps and threatens to kill 23 South Koreans. Assholes.

Bush doesn’t have cancer. Just restless leg syndrome.

Falcons’ Vick is really, really mean to dogs. People hate that.
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