The Daily Word 7.26.10: Wikileaks, Love Parade And Comic-Con Pen Stabbing.

Nick Brown
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A Love Parade turned into a Death Parade.

Wikileaks founder explains the leaking of thousands of military documents.

Taliban have captured a U.S. sailor.

Everyone’s a critic:
birdshit halted a Kings of Leon concert.

See the face of the
face transplant.

Tiny houses are fun.

Learn to draw a yeti. So life-like.

I sure do hope they
find the yeti.

Body modification has a long and profitable history for
carnival staff.

Comic-Con pen stabbing hints at over-crowding and poor self control.

See the
longest tongue in the country.

Louisiana is the laziest state in the union. I say fine, let them have their title.

Police captured the “
Wiggy, Fake-Boobed, Clown Pants Robber.” As he came to be known.

It’s been
raining in Albuquerque.

We’re sure
killing a lot of bears around here

Police say Rhonda Estrada
ran over her boyfriend’s leg then fled.

Here’s another
New Mexico meltdown story.

Bernalillo County Jim Goff is an

Dorothy Hamill’s birthday.

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