The Daily Word, 7.30.07

Nick Brown
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Scientists Breed Mentally Ill Mouse. Finally. Geez.

The Taliban shot one of their Korean hostages.

Al Gore’s son pleads guilty to drug charges.

Director Ingmar Bergman died. I wonder if he had to play chess with Death. RIP scary little movie man.

“Tomorrow Show’s” Tom Snyder died, too. RIP scary little… you know.

Face transplants are a reality. I dibs Bea Arthur’s.

Renting a pet is fun to do but boring to read about.

A scary exorcism in Phoenix.

Baby-killer lady is most likely batshit. And man-oh-man do I hate stories like this one. So sad.

Watermelon truck crashes, makes mess. It would be cool if it crashed into a lemon truck and created a new fruit. Like when the chocolate truck crashed into the peanutbutter truck…

Fatal car smash near Edgewood claims baby.

Intel layoffs are starting.

Lightning strikes boys scouts at the Philmont Scout Ranch. Nobody was hurt, but maybe they’ll develop super powers.

Albuquerque weather features hot and cold running crazy.

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