The Daily Word 8.02.10: Afghanistan, Lohan And Batman All End With “An.”

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Ahmadinejad wants to debate Obama live on the Crazy Channel.

Dutch pulled out of Afghanistan.

Lindsay Lohan is out of jail, but in rehab. Possibly this rehab center?

“I wear my sunglasses at…” Huh? Different
Corey Hart.

albino raccoon free to good home.

MIT students assisted in the
Wikileaks leak.

Batman #1 found in a yard-sale dresser will sell for more than $40,000. The next Batman cartoon will be available on Instant Watching in October.

Arizona killers are on the loose.

Magic bracelets make your bike go faster.

A Romanian woman was
tortured by Commies. With photo.

A man was killed by the
Rail Runner.

BP may
seal the well today.

Westsiders’ water is
dark pee yellow.

Shark week at the aquarium.

RNC is running out of dough.

Man robs Wendy’s, then
calls back to complain.

Senator wants to repeal the
14th amendment.

Los Alamos is launching its
Smart Grid project for solar power development.

It’s Edward Furlong’s birthday. He played a young John Conner in
Terminator 2 . Here’s a song from his CD.
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