The Daily Word 8.18.08

Nick Brown
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Woman Gives Birth To Three Cups. “Mommy, where do cups come from?”

Dead Baby Comes
Back To Life. (Nice going, Doc.)

Guns N’ Roses May
Release A New Album And No One Cares Less Than I.

Taking Sides With Obama? If so, Truck Month will be cancelled.

Eight Gold Medals = Lifetime Supply Of Egg Sandwiches.

Darvis Lee
Gets The Shaft.

Grand Canyon Evacuations. Perhaps including Cindy and Bobby Brady.

Gay Spies: How Do You Know You Wouldn’t Like Being A Spy If You’ve Never Tried It?

Baby Whale
Suckles Boat, Boat Unresponsive.

Obama At
Rio Grande High School Today.

Hail In Belen.

Farmer’s Markets Starting To Accept
EBT Cards (aka Foodstamps, Grampa)

It’s Robert Redford’s birthday. I watched
Three Days of the Condor again this weekend and, contrary to my previous opinion, found that most of the dialogue was funny and brilliant. “You can always count on the spy fucker.” That trailer pretty much gives you the whole movie, btw.

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